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Oscar Wilde's
The Happy Prince

Performed And Adapted By
Oreste Castagna

Young People's Theatre Center of Verona - Italy

This production is adapted from one of Oscar Wilde's beautiful fairy tales. It is the story of a profound friendship between a swallow and a statue of a prince covered with precious jewels. This friendship evolves into love and they become bittersweet accomplices. In spite of the impending arrival of winter, the swallow stays to help the prince distribute his riches to the poor and disinherited of the city.

When he was alive the prince had never known of such poverty having always lived happily within the impassable walls of the castle.

The Happy Prince aims to be as sweet, lively, ironic and moving as the masterpiece fairy tale by Oscar Wilde which manages to unite these elements without lingering too much on any one.

On the stage an actor narrates, moves and sings. From his hands and out of nothing but pieces of paper and cardboard the whole story magically unfurls.

Under the spectator's eyes clouds appear, as do swallows, angels, flowers, etc.

All the shapes made in paper can easily be copied by children. At the conclusion of the performance, there is a Q & A in which all of the children are given the opportunity to pick the cutout they want as a prize.

This presentation can be performed in English and Italian.

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