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Shields & Yarnell


"There are perhaps 35 great clowns left in the world. Robert Shields may be the best one there is" …………Red Skelton

ROBERT SHIELDS believe in two things: humor and magic. He is a one-man creativity machine who has spent his life sharing his sense of energy, awe and wonder with people all over the world.

He earned an Emmy, garnered the Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year Award, appeared on not only his own television show, but over 400 others, and has been awarded special honor by the International Mime and Movement Association for bringing mime to mainstream audiences. Also a premier artist of jewelry, masks, arrows, paintings and spirit/tribal doll sculptures, his art, known as "Southwest with a twist", is sold throughout the world, including his five signature retail stores throughout Northern Arizona.

Shields is also the newly appointed Director of Clowns for Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Greatest Show on Earth.

Fading, flunking and bombing in the system was the norm for Shields until he discovered he was an artist with a unique perspective on the world. He had an unusual early childhood and didn’t speak until he was four. While in high school he perfected unique body control and after graduation left for Canada to join a traveling circus as "Robbie the Robot".

Discovered by Marcel Marceau at the age of 18, Shields was offered a full scholarship to Marceau’s school in Paris. His apprenticeship there was short-lived as he felt the need to develop his own style and pry mime loose from its arty pedestal and put it in the streets.

He chose San Francisco as his outdoor stage and for seven years used his wit, sensitivity, imagination and agility to fascinate and entertain. Touted as San Francisco’s main tourist attraction at the young age of 19, his talents led him to his own television show as one half of the renowned mime duo Shields & Yarnell. His original scripted television special "Toys on the Town" earned him an Emmy.

Transitioning between creative mime and creative artist was a natural progression for shields. His fascination with design, color, texture and form leads to a sublime and captivating one-of-a-kind handicraft. The results of Shields’ constant pursuit of fresh and exciting concepts have rendered his work exceptional and collectable. His paintings and sculptures have appeared in galleries throughout the world and his exclusive jewelry designs can be seen on Barbra Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg and Shirley Mac Laine.

Shields’ art — and the many orbits of his life — can be seen in his book "Cats, Fish & Fools". Mel Ziegler, creator of the retail stores Banana Republic and the Republic of Tea, writes in the forward to the book, " Here, a single sparkly being, we have an artist and a designer and a sculptor and an actor and a dancer and a writer and a retailer and an entrepreneur….."

Now a resident of Sedona, Arizona, Shields continues to perform with partner Lorene Yarnell in concert, symphony pops and television.

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