KT Sullivan

Award-winning singing actress KT Sullivan has put together an evening of tributes to some of her favorite Hollywood stars, including Bette Davis, Doris Day, Carmen Miranda, Ginger Rogers, Alice Faye, Deborah Kerr, Jeannette McDonald, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, and others in songs and stories, both funny and moving. She has performed this show in both one and two act versions in NY, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Charleston, and most recently St. Louis Grandell Theatre, where a live CD version was recorded.

"Nostalgia without apology.  In her frothy new show, The Ladies of the Silver Screen, Miss Sullivan sidles across the stage, batting kewpie-doll eyes and rotating her hips with an affectionate wink behind each Marilyn Monroe-like wiggle and Judy Holiday-like expression of Bette Davis performing They're either too young or too old." -Stephen Holden, NY Times

KT Sullivan gives nostalgia a reputable name - sparkling personality, diligent home-work and conscientious embrace of Film Buff history. She's a great actress and excels in comedy patter, like a Betty Grable dialogue scene from Coney Island, it becomes an act within an act, giving the audience double its entertainment value." -Rex Reed