Mark Nadler

                                                                                                                                                                       EIGHT  REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SEE
A comic spark plug touched with brilliance .  In his musical sweep and show-business savvy, Mr Nadler might be compared to Victor Borge... With his ferocious pianism and crowing delivery, he is a traditional show-biz virtuoso!"  --Stephen Holden, The New York Times


“Mark Nadler is prodigiously talented…..he is a one man entertainment machine……Irresistable”--------Chicago Sun Times


“Mark Nadler is one of those rare live performers….he can play the piano, sing and do a soft shoe  all at once.”     ----  Chicago Tribune

“From the moment he bounds onto the stage  Mark Nadler exhibits a spellbinding manic energy…Nadler, who has a rich voice, is also a splendid pianist.  The act goes far beyond its ostensibly giddy premise…  What Nadler demonstrates is that great cabaret is really great theater, stimulating and exhilarating, outrageous and hilarious.”                                      --Howard Kissel, Daily News


“Nadler--who’s also a superb pianist and damn good tap dancer—is as entertaining as he is educational.  The big-voiced, expressive-eyed performer gets right to the heart of every song—you may even weep for joy.                                                               Brian Scott Lipton, New York Post


“The result is like Victor Borge meets Hellzapoppin’…He’s a combination of all the Marx Brothers put together….       what he does is risky, impudent and defies description. … an original.  Talented and fearless, he never runs out of fresh ideas, and he has the wacky style and infectious humor to pull them off!” --Rex Reed, The New York Observor

“Nadler plays confident piano, sings in a bracing baritone and even manages to insert a soft-shoe tap dance without ever leaving the keyboard.  Add to that a zany comic persona that falls somewhere between the antic pianistic invention of Victor Borge and the lanky expressive goofiness of Ray Bolger….A refreshingly novel show.  ”    --Robert Daniels, Variety
“His ideas are uniformly brilliant and so is his execution…when the goofy lad decides he’s simply going to play, he often reaches concertizing levels. If you think Victor Borge was funny, you ain’t seen or heard nothing yet!”
-David Finkle, The Village Voice