Joseph Mydell as
Paul Laurence Dunbar




Trial and Retribution                                     LPP/ITV                                 Alex Pillai

Manderlay                                                      Zentropa                                 Lars Von Trier

* in competition at Cannes 2005

Doctors                                                          BBC                                        Adrian Bean

Born With Two Mothers                              Windfall Films                      Ian Duncan

Dinotopia                                                       Hallmark                                Mario Azzopardi

The Bill                                                          Thames                                   Ed Fraiman

Space Precinct                                               Space Productions                Various          

Chancer                                                          Central                                    David Grint

TECX                                                              Central                                    Gabrielle Beaumont

The March on Europe                                   BBC                                        David Wheatley

Miss Marple (Inspector Weston)                BBC                                        Chris Pettitt

The Care of Time (Lampeter)                      Anglia                                     John Davies

Bergerac (John Tetteh)                                 BBC                                        Richard Bramall

Boon (Guest Lead)                                        Central                                    Geoff Husson

Defrosting the Fridge (Eddie)                      BBC                                        Sandy Johnson

A Shadow on the Sun (Kibii)                        CBS                                        Tony Richardson

Two Worlds (co‑lead)                                  CBS                                        N Rosemont (Producer)

In Transit                                                        BBC

The Displaced Person                                   HTV/PBS                               Alan Bridges

The Doctors (many episodes)                      US Television



Pericles (Gower)                                                                                          Dominic Cooke

The Winter’s Tale (Camillo)                                                                                    Dominic Cooke

Breakfast With Mugabe (Mugabe)                                                              Anthony Sher

As You Like It (Jacques)                                                                              Dominic Cooke

The Prisoner’s Dilemma (Patterson)                                                          Michael Attenborough

Twelfth Night (Antonio)                                                                               Lindsay Posner

The Mysteries (Satan)                                                                                   Katie Mitchell

Everyman (Title Role)                                                                                  Kathryn Hunter/Marcello Magni

They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (Cal Holliday)                                        Ron Daniels

The Great White Hope (The Pastor)                                                           Nicholas Kent

The Two Noble Kinsmen (Executioner/Bavian)                                         Barry Kyle

Flight (Albert)                                                                                               Howard Davies

Worlds Apart (Borras)                                                                                  Nick Hamm

Macbeth (Bloody Sergeant/Scottish Doctor)                                         Adrian Noble



Jew of Malta                                                  Hall for Cornwall                  Anna Coombs

King Lear (Gloucester)                                Shakespeare’s Globe             Dominic Dromgoole

The Last Confession                                     Haymarket + Tour                 David Jones

Anna in the Tropics (Santiago)                     Hampstead                             Indhu Rubasingham

Edmond                                                          National                                  Ed Hall

Medea (Aegeus)                                            USA/Paris                              Deborah Warner

After the Gods (Dale)                                   Hampstead Theatre                Gemma Bodinetz

As You Like It (Duke Frederick/Corin)      Royal Exchange                     Marianne Elliott

Tobaccoland   (Ludie)                            Royal Exchange                     Greg Hersov

Four                                                                Royal Court                           Richard Wilson

Alice's Adventures Underground                 National Theatre                    Martha Clarke

Angels in America                                         National Theatre                    Declan Donnellan

*(Olivier Award Winner – Best Actor in a Supporting Role)

The Treatment                                                Royal Court                           Lindsay Posner

As You Like It (Duke)                                  Crucible, Sheffield                Mark Brickman         

The Seagull (Trigorin)                                  Crucible, Sheffield                James Macdonald

The Government Inspector (Ossip)             Crucible, Sheffield                Mark Brickman

The Boys Next Door (Lucien)                     Assembly Rooms                  Rob Mulholland

The Life of Galileo (Galileo)                      Contact Theatre                     Brigid Larmour

In The Talking Dark                                       Royal Exchange                     Braham Murray

Master Harold and The Boys                        Contact Theatre                     James MacDonald

*(Nominee: Best Actor Manchester Evening News)

The Great White Hope                                  Tricycle Theatre

The Price of Experience                               Traverse Theatre

Lyrics of the Hearthside                               National Theatre                    One Man Show

*(Edinburgh Fringe First Award & Best One Man's Show Award)

Lyrics of the Hearthside                               Two American Tours; Germany, Denmark

Jelly Roll Soul                                               Edinburgh Festival



Numerous recordings including: “Breakfast With Mugabe” (playing the title role), “Tender is the Night”, “The Clothes of Nakedness”, “The Mysteries” (based on the RSC production), “The Slave Trade”, “Together”, “Life as a Slave” and “Ira Alridge”.



Joseph trained at New York University's School of the Arts under Lloyd Richards, Olympia Dukakis, Kristian Linklater and Andre Gregory.