David Scheel


A Shorte Hysterical Historie of Musicke - this is David’s latest offering, which recently received its world premiere in the United States. It takes music from Gregorian chant up to the present day, and hilariously compares the lifestyles of the great composers with our own contemporary living, by imagining how musical geniuses down the ages would cope with modern society, if they could time-travel. What sort of messages would Mozart have on his voicemail, and would Bach, with 20 kids, allow them to use his cell phone? Would Wagner eat junkfood? Amid all this mayhem the musical content is David’s most ambitious yet, for instead of playing works by the great masters, all the music is his own, but composed in the styles of those masters. And it sounds authentic  - his recreations of Mozart, Debussy and many others, sound as though they are newly discovered “lost” works by those composers - even down to his delightful exercise in “How not to write a country and western song.”              


Press Quotes
   ”A wonderful mixture of music and wit”     
     ---Seattle Weekly

   “A technically brilliant pianist, and a truly mischievously funny person”

     ----Lincoln County News                                                                                                                               “Aussie leaves ‘em rolling in the aisles”
   -----The Gazette, Grand Forks, B.C., Canada