David Scheel


In David’s concerts classical music is turned on its head. At any time you may hear a popular folk song played in the styles of Mozart, Rachmaninoff, a Sony Walkman (!) and a blues, or he may play a piece by Bach in the right hand and one by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the left, at the same time. A miniature concerto based on the 20 worst tunes ever written is another favourite. But in between times he will unwrap one of the classics, or one of his own highly lyrical compositions, and reveal his true quality as a pianist.


And among all this, side-swipes at the icons of modern living; Junk food, Supermarkets, Computerised voicemail and politics, plus a hilarious translation of the lyrics of Waltzing Matilda, all delivered in a huge variety of comic voices and accents.


“A master of the keyboard” [The Times, Critics’ Choice, London]


“Brilliant mayhem! He is a master of improvisation, accents, comedy, and down-right beautiful music”[Adelaide Advertiser, Australia]