David Scheel



October 8, 2010

Don’t shoot David Scheel, he’s just the piano player

By Joyce Davis
Loveland Reporter-Herald

He’s a pianist and raconteur from Australia who has captivated Northern Colorado audiences ever since his first concert at Bas Bleu Theatre in 2007.

David Scheel, in a return engagement Oct. 17, will present favorites from two of his classic presentations, “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player” and “Maestro, a Celebration of Musical Eccentrics.”

He’ll also add humor from his newest programs — “A Shorte Historie of Musicke” and “The Art of the Pianist-Composer.”

In the “Art of the Pianist-Composer,” Scheel includes insight into the mind of the composer, complete with musical stories of how many of the great masters came up with their famous compositions.

The audience can expect twists and turns on classical music, including a miniature concerto based on the
20 worst tunes ever written and an offering of a Bach piece played with this right hand and a simultaneous Andrew Lloyd Webber favorite played with his left hand.

During the show, Scheel also shares his humorous perspective on the cultural icons of the day, including musical interpretations of the Internet, junk food and politics. Oftentimes, he includes his passionate and sometimes controversial opinions on environmental conservation.

Scheel moved to Great Britain in the 1980s, starring in “New Revues” at the West End and eventually landing the lead in the musical “Stepping Out.” After cast members dared him to combine his talent for mimicry with his musical skills, his one-man show became a smash that evolved into a series of hit shows that have endured for more than two decades.

During the evening’s second half, Scheel will take questions from the audience, allowing him to show off his repertoire of comic voices and accents reminiscent of Peter Ustinov, at one time his mentor.