Anita Gillette

“Anita Gillette: After All…” The result is dazzling, classy entertainment. .. The way the show is smartly structured (Barry Kleinbort directs), its dips into Gillette’s career are honed into what is very much now, a fun tour of what an appealing, charming and versatile performer Gillette is at this very moment. She’s a contemporary treasure ripe for any big time booking anywhere, amply proved after Jim Caruso enthusiastically introduced the premiere of her new act at Birdland (January 30, 2012)

WICKEDLY FUNNY............COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING REVIEW by Alix Cohen - Baby June had nothing on this 5’2” (well almost) red headed bundle of dynamite. With fifty years in theater, television, and film under her pave sash (undetectable by either appearance or energy level), the formidably talented Anita Gillette has finally gotten around to presenting her first cabaret act. It was worth the wait...”

“How did I Love It? Let me count the ways. Enchanting, Humorous, Touching, Inspirational!”
-Steve Ross

“Anita Gillette proved tonight what makes an entertainer! The joy she exuded on stage was returned ten times over from EVERY audience member who shared in a remarkable career that deserves to be seen by EVERYONE!” -Richard Skipper

What a great performance Anita Gillette gave tonight at Birdland, her third sold out Birdland engagement (first one ws in January, 2nd one last week. Her career and life story in song but Gillette proved she still has the operatic chops and the great acting ability (some of her facial expressions and vocal impressions were priceless) and yes, the stories about Carnival and Kelly and All American and Mr President and Jimmy were rare and true. Beautifully directed by Barry Kleinbort and with a wonderful trio Gillette strutted from one end of the stage to the other giving full out on every selection. Her Berlin stories were funny and endearing and she did sing "Secret Service" and "How Deep Is The Ocean/Remember?" in one of her most moving memories. And Berlin's telephone call about one of her appearances on Johnny Carson was priceless!
---Joe Regan

JIM CARUSO CAST PARTY NEWS BIRDLAND WRITES“The fact that Anita Gillette has never done a one-woman show in her 50-some years of performing was a shock to me. It’s especially hard to believe after seeing “After All,” the polished jewel of an act she brought to the Broadway at Birdland stage on Monday night. Living life in front of adoring fans has clearly taught her well – she is as comfortable being herself as we are watching her. In the slick, Barry Kleinbort-helmed ninety minutes, she gave us an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at her career and personal life – complete with songs she introduced on the Rialto and loads of dishy stories about co-workers as disparate as Merman, Berlin, Cher and Tina Fey! Of course, the place was packed with showbiz royalty. Musical director/arranger Paul Greenwood deserves special mention for deftly accompanying Gillette and leading the wonderful band. So many thanks to Gillette, Kleinbort, Greenwood, and company! Come back soon!”