Sandra Reaves-Phillips

Ten  Reasons Why You Should See Sandra Reaves-Phillips

“Sandra ReAves-Phillips has got a way of handing a song its hat and kicking it down the stairs.”

   Los Angeles Times


2. “Sandra ReAves-Phillips captured it all…She belongs to a special sorority of singers

     whose expressiveness, vocal power and sheer physical size recalls the classic

     blues singers of the 20’s and some who followed.”       

    Washington Post

3. “It's a pretty potent show. Reaves-Phillips is a powerhouse singer and a very generous performer.”

    San Francisco Chronicle

4“A first-class show-woman, a complete and unique artist who deserves, without contest, all the compliments attributed to her.”

Tribune De Geneve


5.“Another earthquake hit San Francisco – but this one wasn’t devastating: it was exhilarating. The tremblor was caused not by the San Andreas fault, but by a lady named Sandra Reaves-Phillips.

If the reception she received following her opening S.F. is any indication, her fame is due to spread fast and furiously."

Drama-logue/San Francisco


6.“Acclaimed blues and jazz singer Sandra Reaves-Phillips took the audience from the` depths of

loneliness to heaven and back with a performance that few will ever forget.”

The Royal Gazzette  -Bermuda


7.“An atomic force of a performer, Sandra Reaves-Phillips delivers heart, soul and then some. Not to be missed.”

The Hollywood Reporter


8.“Sandra Reaves-Phillips possesses both passion and exceptional talent for her art. That combination made for an exhilarating evening.”

Leader Telegraph – Eau Claire, Wisconsin


9.“As someone said on the way out, ‘ if that didn’t make you feel better, you are dead!”

The Detroit News


10.“She succinctly underlines the three elements that are needed to do the job right – talent, talent and more

Talent. ………..a performance to be savored and remembered."

Los Angeles Times