Sandra Reaves-Phillips






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Sandra Reaves-Phillips has been in “Raisin” on Broadway, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” “the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and other Broadway shows. Phillips has also been in the long running Teatro Zinzanni – where she will return again after her current stop at the glorious Empire Plush Room.

On opening nite at the Empire Phillips came on the stage in a silvery dress and a white boa. The full-figured star filled out the dress to every nook and cranny, and her ample bosom was not hiding. She looked like America’s “Silver Cup.” Dazzling! Right out of the gate she sang “Me And My Shadow” starting off stage in the dark – and then comes out to tremendous applause. Now that’s drama. During the song she interjects playful patter with her own shadow on the stage. Later she gives us a down and dirty version of “All Of Me”. Then she wows with “Birth Of the Blues”. Some of the words are “Wake up with the Blues – go to sleep with the Blues.” Fun was had when she announced that she was going to sing “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”. Phillips asked “Is there any one in the audience who is looking for a Good Man?’ An overweight guy in the audience stood up and said “I Am”. With this song she does a hot mama routine that reminds of the legendary Sophie Tucker.

Not all were hot double entendre songs. The ballad “The Way We Were” was truly endearing. It was such an unusual version – very intriguing. When she started to sing the song “Snatch And Grab It” – she said “Better get some Batteries” -- apparently referring to a sex toy.

This was show business at its best.
You can’t ever forget her “Never Walk Alone” and you’ll leave walking on water with her exit song “When The Saints Go Marching In. RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE. A recipient of the Lee Hartgrave Fame Award for best Cabaret Performer in 2004.