KT Sullivan

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A luscious soprano with a delicious sense of humor, KT Sullivan has starred on Broadway and performed in New York's top night spots. For this engagement, she sings the songs of Noel Coward, Cole Porter, and Bart Howard. She performs Coward's comic numbers to a fare-thee-well; her medley of "World Weary" and "Weary of It All" is especially hilarious, and she mines more laughs from Coward's rather naughty lyrics to Porter's "Let's Do It" than anyone else I've ever heard do them. She also delivers fine interpretations of a few of Coward's less frivolous songs ("Sail Away," "Mad About the Boy," "I'll See You Again"). The Porter songs include some very funny numbers, plus she does a beautiful job on "So In Love," and her exquisitely delicate rendition of "Wunderbar" is exceptional. Sullivan has a special affinity for Bart Howard's material (she won a 1998 Back Stage Bistro Award for her performance and recording of his work). Among the Howard selections are his enduring classic "Fly Me to the Moon," the lovely "Perfect Stranger," an affecting pairing of "Walk Up" and "Year After Year," and the witty and life-celebrating "It Was Worth It," which he wrote for Mabel Mercer's 50th birthday. Sullivan has done many fine shows; this is one of her best. With admirable support from Wes McAfee on piano and John Loehrke on bass.--Roy Sander