Mark Nadler



 1. Special Provisions:

     a. As per Tech Requirements.

     b. SPONSOR is to provide Artist with transport to and   from airport for scheduled flights and local transport as needed

     c. SPONSOR is to provide ARTIST with lodging (non smoking) in   first class hotel on high floor with King Size bed and high-speed   internet access.

     d. SPONSOR is to provide A.S. with one complete original set of   all press stories and reviews pertaining to this engagement.


        ()    ONE GRAND PIANO properly tuned on performance date after Mr. Nadler positions piano.

       (2)    One flat  wood piano bench (non cushioned and non adjustable)

        a four inch thick book covered with black fabric which Mr. Nadler sits on when he plays.

       (3)    One small table upstage of piano large enough to accommodate   one pair of shoes and one glass (not plastic) of bottled water.

      (4)     One follow spot with baby pink or flesh tone gel

     (5)    Bright wash for uptempo numbers that includes pools of highly  saturated color, a highly saturated red

  Wash and a highly saturated blue wash.  Washes should also light back  curtain.

      (6)    4 specials focused on MR NADLER:  one from the furthest possible
electric for when he faces front, one from the front right and one
front the front left and one from upstage to back-light MR. NADLER,
all with no-color pink gels

      (7)    Mr. Nadler Tap dances during show so stage area should not be   carpeted

      (8)    One monitor upstage of piano or can be side fill.

      (9)    Stage is to be swept and mopped prior to performance

    (10))  SPONSOR  is to provide the following  sound equipment:

    (11)  One stage brick to put inside piano bench.
             (12) One Martini glass.

          a.One spare microphone on stand off stage

          b. One excellent quality vocal mic on non tripod boom stand. 
 Plus a sandbag or two to keep the stand from falling.
          c.     One   microphone for  piano which is positioned  inside 
 piano so that lid can be closed, 


          d.   If there are monitors in each wing, no monitor is needed   upstage of piano.

e.             Mixing Board                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

11.   In dressing room in time for tech. rehearsal: bottled water 
 and strong black coffee and a clothing steamer..

   (12)     SPONSOR is to provide ARTIST with  reimbursement for a complete meal, for which Mr. Nadler              provide  receipt prior to performance.











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