Mark Nadler

Brilliantly deconstructing composers.

Tschaikowsky (and other Russians)
Mark Nadler
Assembly @ George Street. 2-26 August (not 6, 14). 17:00 (1hr10)

Tschaikowsky (and other Russians) is a patter song, which was famously performed by Danny Kaye in the Broadway musical 'Lady in the Dark' with music by Kurt Weill and lyrics by Ira Gershwin. In his one-man show, Mark Nadler bursts onto the stage and launches into this song listing 48 Russian composers at high speed. Nadler then deconstructs the whole thing, and takes the audience on an educated journey, picking out a good handful and giving a mini lecture recital on each. We get musical fragments, songs and sketches, including songs from Rogers and Hart, Kurt Weill and a moving, yet funny, rendition of Ugly Ducking (also originally sung by Danny Kaye). At one point he brilliantly accompanies himself tap dancing at the piano - not an easy feat!

Mark is multi-talented, bursting with charisma and energy - so much so that you just cannot take your eyes off him. He has a very commanding stage presence and will remind you of many performers like Liberace, Gene Wilder and Eric Idle. Cabaret doesn't get better than this. Mesmerising, educational and highly entertaining. [Kevin Stevens]