KT Sullivan

'...a walking dish of peaches and cream.' New York Times

 The golden voice of KT Sullivan evokes memories of stellar screen legends in this superb tribute to the songs and singers made famous on film. Through songs immortalised by those ladies of the silver screen, including Bette Davis and Doris Day to Carmen Miranda and Marlene Dietrich, you'll be transported back to vintage Hollywood, where you'll discover the truth about the unknown female voices captured on celluloid.

KT Sullivan, a voluptuous platinum blonde with a bright eyed wit, is a fusion of those classic not-so-dumb screen idols, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Holiday, and has built a thriving cabaret career on her stylised parody of a 1950's glamour girl.

Moving from sassy tart to elegant vamp to classy chanteuse, KT is a pure delight, as she salutes the singers, some old, some older, along with her superb pianist, who also gamely impersonates some veteran screen sirens for the sparkling duets. Legendary songs in a legendary cabaret performance.