Iris Williams OBE

What the New York critics are saying about IRIS WILLIAMS…


Ms. Williams has one of the most striking voices in all of cabaret, a lush dark contralto with a buzz of a vibrato that is an aural tonic. Even the slangiest numbers are translated into semi-art songs.  In her most eloquent moments, she stirs up echoes of vocal legends like Marian Anderson and Kathleen Ferrier. In the strongest numbers the sheer beauty of her voice took over and lit a steady emotional fire.

                                                Stephen Holden, New York Times


Iris Williams is back, with impeccable taste and elegant phrasing, in a voice that suggests a cross between Marian Anderson and Nina Simone. Astonishing depths of passion that runs the gamut from playful to arty to dreamy.  Make no mistake, she’s a classy lady with a stylish approach to singing classic theater songs.  In her company there is much pleasure to be shared by all.

                                                Rex Reed, New York Observer


A voice that seems to be made out of the rich soil of her Wales homeland.  Her mezzo is warm and she has a vibrato that suggests caverns of feelings.

                                                David Finkle, Backstage


Delightful and charming.

                                                Lesley Alexander, WRTN/WVOX Radio


In this world when luxury is quickly losing its luster and class has become just another five letter word with questionable meaning, Iris Williams recreates the magic and elegance of the cabaret era. Williams’ voice is a cultured mezzo, intoned with a subtlety and sensitivity that makes one feel that you are hearing the lyric for the first time.  I’ve seen few performances in the past few years that equal Iris Williams.

                                                Jay Walman, WEVD Radio